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You and your business can expect the simplicity of an e-commerce checkout married with the sophistication of net terms payments and invoicing controls.

Nomadic has partnered with Resolve to power all of our invoicing and payments. Resolve integrates with our financial systems and helps our current Accounts Receivable Team manage invoices and process our payments.
How does our payments partner (Resolve) helps you?

  • You’ll now get more ways to pay: ACH, Wire, Check or Credit Card
  • There are higher credit lines available for net terms invoicing
  • You’ll get online visibility of invoices, and helpful reminders

ORDERS OVER $25,000.00


What is Resolve?

When Do I Use Resolve?

Next terms invoices from your business name will now be powered by Resolve, there is a simple one-time setup that takes less than 2 minutes. It can be completed by anyone with authority to purchase for your business. You will be asked to agree to simple terms from Resolve and confirm the accounts payable contact email address and remittance information. That's it.

What Is Resolve?

Resolve is a tool that helps your business manage offering net terms as a payment option to our customers. Resolve integrates with your financial systems and helps our current accounts receivable team.

Why Is Nomadic Using Resolve?

As our business grows being able to continue to offer net terms credit on all invoices is a benefit to our customers. Resolve is our payments partner and helps our business manage the end-to-end requirements that come with offering net terms. Resolve speeds up our credit checking process (for new customers), allows us to offer more payment options to our customers (check, ACH, wire, credit card), helps our accounts receivable team manage reminders and connects with our financial systems.

How Does Resolve Help My Business?

Your business now gets more ways to pay invoices: ACH, Wire, Check, or Credit Card. There are now higher total credit lines potentially available for eligible customers. In addition to standard emailed invoices we now offer an option online payments portal (powered by Resolve) where you can access all invoices, your current credit line and make payments online with a single click. There will be improved visibility of your credit line, invoices, and automated reminders.