A1 Electric Awning (Pre-Order)
A2 Electric Awning (Pre-Order)
Nomadic Cooling AC Remote Control - Compatible with Nomadic Cooling AC for camper vans and motorhomes

AC Remote

DIY Install Kits
Mounting Cross Bars
Power Harness'

Power Harness'

From $189.00
Experience superior cooling performance with Premium Dual Layer Nomadic A/C Foam Gasket. Ensure a reliable and efficient
Upgrade Nomadic Cooling AC with Premium Foam Air Separator. Get reliable and efficient off-grid cooling
Ensure stable installation for your Nomadic Cooling AC with Premium Foam Leveling Strip. Experience reliable and efficient
Premium Triple Foam Duct Insulator
Replacement X3 Arctic White Shroud - Nomadic Cooling
Foam Gasket for Nomadic Cooling AC - Nomadic Cooling
Trim Ring

Trim Ring

X Series - One Year Extended Warranty
X2 12V A1 Control Panel
X2 12V A2 Control Panel
X2 12V B1 Control Panel
X2 24V A1 Control Panel
X2 24V A2 Control Panel
X2 24V B1 Control Panel
X2 48V B1 Control Panel
X2 Condensation Kit
X2 Flush Mount Faceplate
X2 Protective Cover
X2 | Low Profile AC
X3 12V A1 Control Panel
X3 12V B1 Control Panel
X3 24V A1 Control Panel
X3 24V B1 Control Panel
X3 48V B1 Control Panel
Nomadic X³ Flush Interior Vent Face Plate - Nomadic Cooling
X3 Protective Cover
X3 | Low Profile AC
X4 | Low Profile AC

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