Nomadic Cooling understands the importance of a reliable power system to enhance your off-grid adventures. Our range of electrical diagrams is meticulously designed to ensure your AC, lights, and appliances run smoothly, maximizing your investment. Let's explore each system, their intended purposes, and how they can transform your battery powered lifestyle.

Note: Ampere hours, often shortened to Ah or Amp Hours, is a measurement of a battery's energy charge that tells us how much current it can supply over a period of one hour. In simpler terms, a battery with a rating of 1 Ah can deliver a current of 1 ampere for an entire hour. This unit is particularly handy when assessing the capacity of energy storage devices, like rechargeable or deep-cycle batteries. Typically, larger batteries are evaluated based on their ampere hour rating.

Wanderer Series


  • Designed For: Wanderers prioritizing portability and simplicity.
  • Description: The Wanderer series is perfect for those who want a straightforward setup. These kits come with Victron batteries and Lynx distributors, simplifying power management. Blue Sea breaker panels and Victron VE Bus BMS ensure smooth operation for lights and appliances.
  • Links: Wanderer 200ah, 400ah, 600ah, 800ah

    Roamer Series

    • Designed For: Roamers seeking a balance between power and flexibility.
    • Description: The Roamer series caters to adventurers who value adaptability. With options of 200ah to 800ah batteries, these setups offer reliability and ease of use. They feature Lynx Distributors for monitoring, MultiPlus inverters for shore charging, and Smart Battery Protect for safety.
    • Links: Roamer 200ah, 400ah, 600ah, 800ah

      Nomad Series

      • Designed For: Nomads with substantial power demands.
      • Description: The Nomad series offers a range of configurations, from 200ah to 800ah setups. These diagrams are perfect for those who require extensive power to run air conditioners and other appliances. They incorporate advanced monitoring systems like the Cerbo GX communication center and Lynx Smart BMS for safety and efficiency.
      • Links: Nomad 200ah 12V, 24V, 400ah 12V, 24V, 600ah, 800ah


      Nomadic Cooling's electrical systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of overlanders. Whether you require extensive power, adaptability, or simplicity, our range of diagrams has you covered. Elevate your overlanding experience by exploring these kits and powering your adventures with confidence.