Let me save you some time and just say undoubtedly, unequivocally, decisively YES!!! This is an investment well worth for any lifestyle: outdoor enthusiasts, families get-togethers, boat and fishing, RV campers, outlanders, and campervans. The possibilities don't stop with just these groups. If you ever used a cooler more than twice a year, you need to invest in a Dometic CFX3. Trust us; you will never look back.

Long are the days of making sure you are within driving distance to a store to buy ice bags or retrieving saggy produce due to ice water. These 12V/24V coolers should not be compared to an ordinary cooler. They are more of a portable fridge that you can control the temperature with the touch of a button. For one, they will get lower in temperature than any ice chest will ever. The Dometic CFX3 freezes down to –22 °C / –7 °F while using less power than a 60 W lightbulb. Connect to your vehicle's 12V/24V DC outlet to roam free without worry. There is no need to fear that bringing your cooler will leave you stranded because the CFX3's 3-Stage Battery Protection monitors inbound power and turns the cooler off if it senses low voltage. 

Here is another feature that your cooler won't do, make ice. Yes, you read that correctly; the Dometic CFX3 55IM is the world's first powered cooler with its own integrated ice-making compartment. Don't stop for ice, make it yourself thanks to the cooler's rapid freeze plate that enables you to freeze an ice tray in just hours without compromising the temperature elsewhere in the cooler. Do you actually need an ice maker feature in your cooler? The short answer is yes. Who wants to have ice that rubbed against cans, bottles, produces, and have contaminants floating in your drink. 

Most powered coolers tend to be noisy, but the Dometic CFX3 has a few tricks up its sleeves. For example, they have internal components that are mounted on calibrated springs to isolate noise and vibration. This makes it a keeper even for those light sleepers. Another characteristic that it has over the standard power cooler is its list of accessories. You can mount it on a sliding tray specifically designed for your size. Don't have a way to hook it up to a battery source or don't want to mess with electricity, the PLB40 that Dometic's offers is a plug-and-play power bank that will give you all weekend power. Make sure to come back soon to read a full review of the Dometic PLB40.

We personally like many of the remarkable features of the Dometic CFX3, from its rugged built to its innovative Bluetooth app control. They are not just an afterthought, but they are purposefully built and integrated. With their wide range of sizes, there is no reason you shouldn't invest in one to fit your application. Our Dometic CFX3 has been put through the wringer. From the beaches of Mexico to the hot summer days of Las Vegas, and even on the offroading trails of Colorado, we refuse to leave anywhere without it.   

*** Here is some useful comparison to help you choose the right one for your application. 


*** P.S. If you need more compelling proof on why you should invest in one, just take a look at their sales brochure below, which goes over everything. Also, check out our unboxing and review videos.