The S1 Split System from Nomadic Innovations not only kept me cool but exceeded my expectations in efficiency. After 8 hours, I still had over half my battery capacity left!
–  John D., Long-Haul Trucker

Case Study: S1 Split System Install on Semi-Truck

At Nomadic Innovations, we strive to deliver top-tier cooling solutions that meet the rigorous demands of our customers. We recently installed our S1 Split System on a semi-truck, and the results speak volumes about its efficiency and reliability.

Our client, John D., a seasoned long-haul trucker, needed a cooling system that could handle continuous operation without draining his battery. The S1 Split System was the perfect choice for this challenge.

System Specifications

  • Unit Installed: S1 Split System
  • Battery Setup: Four Epoch 105 amp/hr lithium batteries
  • Total Capacity: 420 amp/hr

Performance Highlights

  • Runtime: The S1 Split System operated flawlessly for 8 continuous hours.
  • Battery Usage: Remarkably, the system only used 44% of the total battery capacity.
  • Voltage Stability: Maintained a steady voltage of 13.8V throughout the operation.
  • Temperature Control: John reported that the system could cool the cabin to below 74 degrees Fahrenheit, providing a comfortable environment even in the heat.

Exceptional Efficiency

One of the standout features of the S1 Split System is its exceptional energy efficiency. Despite running for a full 8 hours, in 93 degree (Texas) weather the system consumed less than half of the battery capacity, demonstrating its ability to provide extended cooling without excessive power draw. This efficiency is crucial for long-haul truckers who need reliable performance without frequent battery recharges.

Client Satisfaction

John’s feedback highlights the effectiveness of the S1 Split System. He appreciated how the system kept his cabin cool and maintained battery efficiency, allowing him to focus on his drive without worrying about power depletion.

Why Choose the S1 Split System?

  • Extended Runtime: With only 44% battery usage over 8 hours, the S1 ensures you stay cool for longer periods.
  • Stable Performance: Maintains a consistent voltage, ensuring reliable operation.
  • Superior Cooling: Can cool your cabin to comfortable levels, even in extreme temperatures.
  • Energy Efficiency: Perfect for mobile applications where power conservation is key.


This case study underscores the superior performance and reliability of the S1 Split System. Whether you’re a long-haul trucker like John or need a dependable cooling solution for any mobile application, the S1 Split System offers unmatched efficiency and comfort. Experience the Nomadic Innovations difference and stay cool wherever your journey takes you.

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