Whether to use Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth communication with your Victron electrical system depends on your specific needs and preferences.  Victron is known for its high-quality energy management and monitoring solutions, and they offer both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth options for communication.

Here are some considerations for choosing between Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth communication with your Victron electrical system:

1. Convenience and Accessibility:
Bluetooth:  Using Bluetooth can be convenient for on-the-go monitoring and quick access to your system data.  You can use your smartphone or tablet to connect to the Victron device and check the status of your electrical system from anywhere within the Bluetooth range.

Non-Bluetooth: Non-Bluetooth communication options may require physical access to the Victron device or a more dedicated setup for monitoring.  This may be less convenient for remote monitoring or quick checks.

2. Security:
Bluetooth: Bluetooth connections are generally secure within their limited range, but they can be susceptible to hacking if not properly secured.  Make sure to use strong and unique PINs or passwords to secure your Bluetooth connections.

Non-Bluetooth: Non-Bluetooth communication methods, such as wired connections or remote monitoring through the internet, can offer more robust security options.  They may be preferred if security is a significant concern.

3. Range:
Bluetooth: Bluetooth has a limited range (typically up to 100 fett), which means you need   to be relatively close to the Victron device for it to work.  If your system is far from where you typically check it, Bluetooth might not be the best option.

Non-Bluetooth: Non-Bluetooth communication methods can offer extended range, making them suitable for monitoring systems located further away or in larger installations.

4. Integration and Compatibility:
Check which communication methods are compatible with your specific Victron devices and software.  Some devices may only support one or the other, or both.

5. Remote Monitoring:
If you need to monitor your Victron electrical system remotely, non-Bluetooth methods like internet-based monitoring or cellular connections may be more appropriate.

6. Cost:
Consider the cost of the hardware and infrastructure required for non-Bluetooth  communication, as it may be more expensive than a Bluetooth solution.

In summary, the choice between Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth communication with your Victron electrical system depends on factors such as convenience, security, range, integration, and your specific monitoring needs.  It’s important to evaluate your requirements and select the method that best suits your situation.  Additionally, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and best practices for securing your communication to protect your electrical system from unauthorized access.