X3 Install & Tool Checklist
Quick Install Overview:

Here at Nomadic Cooling, we are so honored to have our air conditioners going out and being enjoyed by so many adventurers!  It is with great pride that we are always striving to put the best air conditioners on the market with the best customer service.  Our customer’s happiness is the best compliment to our product!  We encourage feedback from our customers on how we can improve all aspects of our product and support.  In that spirit, we want to make sure that we meet our customer’s needs when it comes to a successful  installation of their Nomadic Cooling Air Conditioner.  Our team has collaborated to create a checklist of needed tools and components for installation.

  1. Once you have placed your order, we recommend that you go to our website by clicking https://www.nomadiccooling.com/collections/air-conditioners/products/x3-12v-ac   to print off the NC-X3 Installation Guide and the Operation’s Manual.  Familiarize yourself with the basic install instructions to set your install up for success. The Operation’s Manual will help familiarize you with how your unit works.  Please check out the blog entry for maintaining your Nomadic Cooling Air Conditioner at https://tinyurl.com/bdfmm97n, as well to keep on hand for the future.
  2. When your unit arrives it is essential that you inspect your shipment for any damage to the boxes that may have happened during transport.  We take great pride in carefully assembling your unit and all of its components.  We pallet and shrink wrap them to make sure that no boxes get dislodged from your shipment.  It is imperative that it arrives in a similar fashion.  If you were to receive your shipment and there are any crushed boxes, sunken in sides or holes punched into the plastic or boxes, it is absolutely your right to refuse the shipment.  At this point, the shipping company is at fault and liable for the damage to your unit.  We can then file a claim on your behalf with them and it is best if we are able to do this right away, where they have to take the damaged product back to us.  If you accept the damaged product it can create an issue with warranty exchange and potentially cost you shipping it back.
  3. If you are fully confident that any small damage just from say shifting in the truck has happened but that no damage has occurred to your unit, then you can accept the order.  
  4. It is vital that at the time you receive your unit that you open your boxes and take inventory of the components inside.  Even if you will not be installing your A/C for several months, you need to make sure that everything is there.  The issue becomes that as we grow as a company, our A/C’s grow and small changes to the design of components may be made.  It is hard to determine after the fact if you have one set of cross bars or another, etc. This saves you any aggravation as you go to install your unit on your time schedule.
  5. It is important that you collect the correct tools for the job, so that your installation goes smoother and so that no damage occurs during installation. 

Here is the list of items to have for installation:

  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Painter’s tape
  • Tape Measure
  • Drill with at least a 1/8” bit (enough to get jigsaw blade into)
  • Jigsaw, nibbler, or cutting wheel
  • Sander or rasp file
  • Color preventative paint
  • Cutting blade for trimming away gasket if needed
  • Caulking gun
  • Allen wrench or Allen wrench bit for drill (set drill to maximum of 4 lbs of torque)
  • Phillips Head screwdriver
  • Crimping tool (hand crimper or electric crimper)

Lastly, while you have the box open, take a moment to write down some information for your records.  On your installation manual, page two has a small box in the top right corner where you can write down the Model Number (ie X2 12V, etc), the serial number which is found on the A/C under the shroud and on the top fan (some newest designs has it on the shroud as well), the date you purchased it, and who installed it.  On page three you will find the itemized parts list where you can see your checklist of items in the kit that you should have.  There may be some design changes, in which we take some elements out or add to the kits.  If there is any question as to what may or may not be included, feel free to reach out to information@nomadiccooling.com for clarification or to get any missing items sent out as soon as possible.

Here is a link to a full install video by www.openroad.cool
FULL INSTALL VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Mk4U_PV8ySo