The Roamer's Electrical System is outfitted with your choice of Victron 200ah or 330 ah battery. The battery hooks up to the Lynx Distributor which helps monitor the status of each fuse. Main battery management will come from the Victron VE Bus BMS, which protects each individual cell of the battery while monitoring the voltage, amperage pull, and amperage charge. We leveled up by adding the Victron MultiPlus inverter/charger to aid in charging your batteries with shore power. Keeping safety in mind, we attach the Victron Smart Battery Protect to shut off output to the DC breaker panel when your batteries reach optimal voltage level. Now you are plugging in all those essential 12V items like lights, appliances, etc with peace of mind. On the back end, wires are connecting up to your Blue Sea breaker panel to the Victron Orion Smart DC-DC charger and then to your stock or secondary alternator. Having an option to add solar charging through the Victron Solar MPPT and solar panels makes off-grid living much more tangible.