Camping in comfort shouldn’t be a luxury for the few; it should be an option for all.  Adding a new Nomadic Cooling A1 awning can not only make your experience more comfortable but help your A/C and electrical system work more efficiently.  You might be asking yourself, how does this magical piece of fabric help them out?  Well with the push of a button, your awning rolls out, creating shade for you and your rig, and making your air conditioner not have to fight against the added heat from the sun beating down on the side of your vehicle. This way you don’t have to camp in an area with shade; you can make your own. Plus you get the added luxury of sitting beneath it while you grill, relax, or enjoy the company of others.

The Nomadic Cooling A1 awning is built tough, with its heavy duty aluminum hardware, spring-loaded stainless steel chain and Vinylic PVC fabric.  Offered in two sizes to fit most vehicles and spans 8.2’ from your vehicle, giving you no less than 80 square feet of cool shady real estate to enjoy.  The awning blocks out 98% of UV rays keeping you free from sun burns and is water resistant to keep you protected from the rain.  Did you think you wouldn’t need it at night?  Oh yes, it is still providing for you even when the sun goes down, as it has an LED strip light that goes the entire length of the awning.